Eco Dome Crete Resort: Plant a Tree

In a world which is succumbing to climate change, Eco Dome resorts is happy to cooperate with the project: Plant a Tree. This project is focused on the most effective ways to reduce the carbon footprint and heal the planet. 
This project chooses the planting season on selected location throughout the world to maximize the growth and survival rate of the trees, ensuring that the trees are planed with a local agro-forestry approach. At Eco Dome resorts we support this initiative by planting a tree for every Check in we do at our resorts. Eco Dome not only reduces its own carbon footprint but also encourages their guests to do the same. Every single tree that will be planted by Eco Dome will have the guest name tagged on it, making it a unique and meaningful experience. Our guests are encouraged to be part of the solution, and they take pride in knowing that their stay has helped to make a positive impact on the environment. 
Eco Dome is not only committed to sustainability in its physical location but also in its online presence. Ourr WEB site is a Net Zero Website, which means that all the carbon emissions produced by the web site (determined by the amount of visitors and traffic) will be compensated automatically by planting trees in several projects.
Together we can make a positive impact on the environment!



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