Eco Dome Crete Resort: About Us

The Eco Dome Resorts concept is built on three fundamental pillars that together create a unique and inspiring experience for travelers seeking a relaxing, sustainable and authentic hospitality experience.

Luxurious stay in the nature

Ecological Hospitality

Retreat and wellness


  • Luxurious stay in the nature – We offer our guests a luxurious 5 star hospitality experience in a stunning natural environment. Imagine waking up in a futuristic 50 Square meters Dome surrounded by breathtaking scenery and just a few meters from the sea. Our guest can enjoy the best of both worlds: the tranquility and beauty of the nature combined with the luxury and comfort of a high-end resort.
  • Ecological hospitality – The resort is designed in a way to minimize its impact on the earth, and still providing the guests a top-notch hospitality experience. The resorts operates with a strong emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendliness, and this is evident in every aspect of our operation. For example, the resort has a closed biological sewage treatment system, where all the produced sewage are being treated, and then, the clean treated water is being used for the irrigation of the resort. The resorts serves organic food from its own garden and from other local farmers, and all products are carefully chosen based on their environmental sustainability. Our air is to connect like-minded travelers who are passionate about protecting the environment, and want to stay in a resort that align with their values.
  • Retreat and Wellness – We provide our guests the opportunity to focus on their well-being and connect with nature’s luxurious. Our resorts offers various sessions designed for relaxation, mindfulness and self-discovery. Guess can choose from activities such as Yoga, meditation, and nature walks, among other. Our aim is to provide our guests a bespoke vacation for travelers who seek to slow down and prioritize their physical and mental health in a natural and peaceful environment.



Eco Dome Crete SA | Sisi, Lasithiou | Crete 72400 | Greece

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